I’m clearly terrible because of my tattoos.

But that’s your problem, not mine, really. As I was walking out of Walgreen’s this morning, a rather malevolent looking woman shot me the strangest, most forced smile I’ve seen in a while. Granted, my hair probably looked I just stuck ¬†fork in a socket and I had some really short shorts on. But it… Continue reading I’m clearly terrible because of my tattoos.

Stop Adulting, You’re an adult.

Seriously. The word ‘adulting’ sucks. Its absolutely asinine. Why, as adults, do we keep using it? Let’s think about this rationally… we are adults, right? By definition, we are bill-paying, child-owning, dinner making, house cleaning, adults. We are old enough to purchase cars, booze, houses, or have ice cream for breakfast- or cereal for dinner-… Continue reading Stop Adulting, You’re an adult.