5 Reasons to buy from your salon

… and not the drugstore.

Oh, the age old question. “Why would I spend so much money on a salon product, when I can go to the store and get the same thing?!”….

And the age old answer- “Well, because its better!”….

But it is. Its better, healthier- and more expensive– for a reason.

Reason #1: We believe in it!

Stylists spend a lot of time on you- creating a style and color specifically for you. So, why would expect we were trying to sell you something that won’t work for you? Your stylist is proud of their work, which you wear on your head every day. And, truthfully, you’re the best advertisement, so we want you to take care of that perfectly crafted coif.

Reason #2: We want you to be able to do what we do!

Knowledge is power.  A good stylist (not a mediocre lazy one who doesn’t know why they’re selling what they sell) should be able to explain what’s in their products and why they work for you.

We want your hair to do what you want it to. If you got your dream cut, we want you to be able to style it! Every day! So, to be able to recreate our work with ease is ideal for YOU! The only way you can do what we do is to use the things we use.

I have honestly never bought hair products from a drugstore or big retailer, so I have no knowledge of how John Frieda eliminates frizz. But I can tell you this- its a shitty product based on the buildup my clients come in with.

Reason #3: Professional Shampoo and Conditioner are like insurance…

If your color was perfect- why not buy a shampoo and conditioner that will help your color stay shiny, and last longer? If you come back to the salon a week later, complaining that your color didn’t hold- surely your stylist’s first question will be “Well, what shampoo and conditioner are you using?”. Certainly, “Something on sale at the drugstore” isn’t going to delight your stylist, or motivate them to offer a remedy to your dilemma. It’s like insurance. You use our product, if there is a problem we will fix it. If you go home and use shit products and your color fades- why should we be responsible to fix that?


Reason #4- More bang for your buck. Really!

Sure, the thought of spend $2.47 on a shampoo and conditioner (combined!) sounds great for your wallet. However, if you do the math, you wouldn’t really be saving money anyway. The amount of active ingredients (the detergents and surfactants that actually do the “cleaning” or “protecting color”, for example) are far less in a generic or ‘value’ brand. Also, most products bought from an drug store contain excessive amounts of alcohol, which is very drying (and also makes the scent fade faster, for those bossed with vailla or coconut smelly good in their hair). In other words, the concentration of a salon brand is much stronger. In turn, you can use less product, less often, to get better results. That means the product will last significantly longer, and in the end you will end up spending less money! Everyone wants to save the dollars.

Reason #5: You wouldn’t take someone else’s prescription, right?

So then why would you use something that isn’t for you? You know, gel isn’t for all hair types. Some conditioners might weigh your hair down. Perhaps there is a reason that one mousse may work better than another (is it for body, hold, heat protection?). The truth is, the hair aisle goes on and on. You don’t have time to read ingredients, decipher strange words (Aminomethyl Propanol- what the fuck IS that? Sounds like you should put it in your gas tank, right?), or figure out what is perfect for your hair. However, your stylist knows you. Knows your lifestyle, knows what you expect our of products and what you have aversions to. Why not let them prescribe you a perfect beauty prescription? Ask questions. Why do you need it? Give examples- ‘I want it this way at work, but this way for girls’ night out!’ or ‘This part always sticks up a week after my cut!’ (actually, scratch that one and find a new hairdresser if that’s the problem….) There is a product for everything. A qualified stylist will give you all the info you need.

Either way- you invest in us, spend your money with us. Most of us aren’t just trying to sell you shampoo because we are robots trying to collect money. Its because we want what’s best for you, we love our clients (well, most of them), and want happy healthy hair all around.

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