The difference in making noise…

And actually being heard.

Its a weird thing, to see so many people making noise. I had a client (and friend) in my chair not that long ago and she said “everyone is making noise, but they aren’t doing anything. She’s right.

Okay, maybe not everyone. Some people make noise and cause a riot- I want to be that girl. More than a comment on social media- but inspiration to do more for your community.

But seriously- what’s with the noise?

So many people spend so much time creating this world around them for social media. It seems so many people are validated by likes and shares on social media. There is an endless slew of selfies from ‘community events’. These events are actual opportunities to make a difference and give back- but who is really giving back? Who is doing something? Where are the people who aren’t just making noise?


Those people don’t interest me. Not one bit. I don’t want to be their friends. I want to be associated with movers and shakers- the young (ish, I mean, 30s and 40s is still young, right?) men and women who actually reach into their pockets and give back. Anyone can be given a ticket to attend an event, or be asked to show up somewhere. But how many of those people actually take the time and effort to give back?

It’s not enough. There are so many opportunities to make a difference. Going to events, and galas and fancy things… that is fun. That is wonderful, I do it! I do it all the time. But the meaning behind it often isn’t there. I love going to these, let’s say galas… but you never hear anyone talking about the actual cause as to why they are there! Homeless children? No, why would that matter, there is an open bar! Homeless animals? Oh, but the food is so wonderful tonight. That’s fucking absurd to me. Painful, really.

It makes me wonder- do we care, or do we just not want to talk about anything that makes our skin crawl a little bit? Either way- it makes everything filled with noise, and its hard to see whats really happening.

The thing is – I know a plethora of people who give back in a huge kind of way. Whether it is time or financially they GIVE. And those people aren’t starving for attention in any way. As a matter of fact, they are never in the paper, or all over social media. Those are the people actually making waves – but they get zero recognition. Why? They don’t need it.  They don’t want it.  Its crazy, how many people I know who have nothing- but still give like they’ve got it all. I love those people, I want to pick their brains and think of them often when I need advice. They find ways to be so involved, and it certainly is not by taking selfies, just because you’re there.

These people are the people I, personally, aspire to be like. While its super fun to get fancy with my wife and attend these events, I like being the person who actually gives back, too.

I don’t place value in how many things I run into you at, I place the value in why you’re there.

Where did this gap come from?

Are you someone just making noise, or are you someone who is truly giving back and doing good?

I wonder what would happen if we all stopped making noise for a minute, and took that energy and gave back. Little things, like dropping off old towels and sheets to your local shelter, or volunteering your time and using your knowledge to influence an underprivileged youth, those things change lives.



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