Stop Adulting, You’re an adult.

Seriously. The word ‘adulting’ sucks.

Its absolutely asinine. Why, as adults, do we keep using it? Let’s think about this rationally… we are adults, right? By definition, we are bill-paying, child-owning, dinner making, house cleaning, adults. We are old enough to purchase cars, booze, houses, or have ice cream for breakfast- or cereal for dinner- if we see fit.

I’m guilty of it. I found my self complaining out loud while I was trying to figure out a grocery list for my day off last week. I said “I’m done adulting, I am going to take a nap“. And then I felt like a moron. I like naps. And if there was a prize available for napping, trust me, I would win the Gold Medal. But I had so many things to do. And they were all my responsibility. Before 5:30, because that was Baseball time for my oldest son. This is not ‘adulting’, I am an adult. Shit.

So, why this ‘adulting’? Knock it the hell off. I simply can’t deal with it anymore, and it has been permanently removed from my vocabulary.

The internet is filled with memes of this obnoxious word. The further I searched, the more disgusted I became. What in the actual hell is wrong with us?


You aren’t adulting. You are doing the things we all have to do. You don’t feel like it? Shut up. Neither do I. But what are we saying to these 18-19 year old kids who are fully unaware of the what the world is about to punch them in the face with? Because they are fully convinced that making their own doctor’s appointment is ‘adulting’… and not only that, its so much ‘adulting’, its the most they can handle for the whole week. And their friends are blown the hell away that they even did that! Its fucking scary.

Furthermore, when I get stuck in my morning Facebook scroll-a-thon, why do half of my adult (defined as 25 and up, currently) friends feel the need to complain about all the adulting they have to do for the day? Oil changes, taking care of their own offspring, signing up for college classes, going to the gym, heading to the bank, feeding their animals, feeding themselves. You fuckers. You did this. You grew up. Now own it.

Remember being in high school and being completely convinced that you knew everything? And that you had it all figured out? Well, welcome to your reality. Whatever it may be, that’s what it is today. So, stop giving your responsibilities a pet name and just. fucking. do. it. PLEASE.

Maybe try saying something like ‘dude, i got everything on my list done today because I am a total badass’, or perhaps ‘I have a shit ton of stuff to do tomorrow, but i am gonna put coffee in my vodka in the morning and get right to it’… why is that so hard?

Here’s the thing- they’re all watching. Literally, everyone. Your friends, your parents, your kids. When you refer to vacuuming your floors as adulting, you look really goddamned lazy. Your parents are probably super disappointed when you refer to feeding to yourself as a success. And I am sure some of your friends wonder why you consider cleaning your house something extraordinary. And when you wear it on a tee, or find a way to use it as an adjective for everything you don’t want to do as an adult…. then you are saying to this up-and-coming generation that ‘adulting’ is really, really hard.

But it’s not. It’s not that fucking hard to be an adult. Its the same as its always been- which is exactly what you make it. You either have a good attitude or you don’t. Some days are worse than others, right? And it shouldn’t be that scary, either. It doesn’t really matter, at the end of the day, we have to do it. Whether its a bill we have to pay, or a kid we have to feed, or a job we have to go to. Even if it sucks, we have to.

The reality is, we are adults now, guys. We are just adults, we aren’t ‘adulting‘, its not funny. We are living. We are doing our thing, we are being awesome and cool and rad (whatever the hell the kids are saying these days… I’m 30, I have no idea what’s actually cool anymore). We need to start being better at this living thing in general, because its getting really boring to scroll through social media and see people complaining about having to clean their house. Be exciting and do some cool shit mixed in with the mediocre adult stuff, and it will stop feeling so lame, right?




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